Friday, April 17, 2009

CINTA for me?

I want to share with you all my short story about 'CINTA for me?'.Alaaaaa cinta.Everyone said that it is so easy to talk.But for Shafik,cinta is not easy to talk,because i have no experiences about cinta.Tapi scandal tu adalaaa hehe.But I can not handle the situations,so I said to my self that I have to run away from this situations so that no body will judge me during I'm having a problem with my scandal or my girlfriend.Why I have to say like that?maybe some people said that I'm trying to be a perfect man.Actually,I have to run away from this situations because I don't really know about girl's behavior,what they like to talk,what they like to listen,what they like to eat,what they like to wear,but now I know,all the girls like to wear ROXY.Alaaaaaaaaaa tu pon bukan duit dorang hehe.So if I already know about girl's behavior,baru la bole cari awek,if not,single je la.Alaaaaaa but I'm not a sweetest man laaa.How to tackle that girl?that girl?Hahaha.But sometimes I think that I can not to be a good man to my girlfriend.Because alaaaaaa biaselaaaaaaa lelaki kan.Ego.Hahaha.Sometimes I can not handle my words,so I really scared that I will make my girlfriend rasa sedih.Nanti dia merajuk,then I have to persuade her guna ayat ayat cinta.Kena beli ice cream.adussssssssssss.It is so hard man,x rela nyah.Haha.For now I have to be patient to find my princess.Haha. But if I have a girldfriend,saya janji,saya akan concern about her and I don't want to make her feel useless to be my princess.cehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.This is what we call POYO.Okayh la,I wanna go to bed.Bye Bye cinta.Freedom.

I'm not forcing you to love me,so it is up to you?but I love you.that's all.